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mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

Photos of show:" Portraits of Mercy"

I just wanted to post some photographs of my recent show.

this crucifix was created using drift wood

Aggiungi didascalia

my painting using oil and cold wax

my painting with others

note the beautiful frescos on the walls

one side of the cloister

a beautiful day . . .a beautiiful sapce

mercoledì 6 aprile 2016

Making Decisions

Decision making is part of our everyday life. We begin in the early morning and continue throughout the day making one after the other of decisions that govern our lives.  They’re turning points. Most not drastic but some decisive and able to change the corse of our thinking and behavior.
Remember my last post, in January, I vowed to make reforms in my painting habits and schedules and  I was convinced that from that new year’s day on I would create a disciplined life for myself in the studio.

INSTEAD I have been delving into a variety of activities. First, I have become an “Angelo del Bello” (translated, that is an Angel of Beauty). NO, nothing to do with beauty contests, make-up and the like! It’s a volunteer organization that helps keep the parks in the city of Florence clean, erases ugly writings on walls and in the streets. I work in the famous Iris Garden overlooking Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo.

  Here I am with a friend wearing my safety jacket. We were hoeing and weeding in one of the many  flower beds in the famous Iris Garden

 I have also joined the newly formed choir within the American International League of Florence.  We are eight women (sometimes more, sometime less) and began this group to entertain at our annual Bazaar, a fundraising event to support needy charities in Florence and province.We worked hard to be presentable for December 8th (the date of our charity market),  to learn the carols, music and words, and we did it  as a flash mob  having a lot of fun. It meant many practices which consumed my days completely. The choir has continued, and so have I, learning  new songs thru weekly practices.  We will be entertainment during parties at old folk’s homes.

My painting in the show at Chianciano Terme, a SPA town south of Florence. was awarded Honorable Mention. This show closed at the end of March but I have been invited to continue with this painting and 2 others in another show in Montepulciano..  These are all historic picturesque  towns south of Florence.
Transparency - Figure


I began this post talking about decision making but I never explained myself.  Remember? In February I applied for a show here in Florence entitled  “ Portraits of MERCY in the Bible” reasoning that at least I would be showing in Florence, nearby. I’m not a painter of sacred art as such but I participated anyway. Part of the regulations for this show required me to select a passage from the bible that I used as inspiration. Again I chose a painting from the past.

"The Annunciation"
 “The Annunciation” I have always considered this  as an annuciation, benevolent, protective. The Magnificat. But, as I searched the Bible, reading various passages, I realized how little I knew about this book of history. My decision was to find out more, read more from the bible, and,have founded a bible study class that meets from time to time.  A new source of inspiration for me.  A turning point?

AND, last of all, I will return to Pontremoli for their show on the 25th of April. 
Here I will present a new painting, a “new painting” done over an old study of a nude.  The theme is “The Garden”. and my painting is entitled “Waiting for Dawn.”

"Waiting for Dawn"
That’s where I am today.

This has been a long post but I hope you have found it interesting.  I would love to hear from you dear  readers. My idea when I started this blog was to exchange ideas, reactions, to make contact. I hope some of you will talk to me.  In any language. Translation is easily done. 
A presto. . . .

giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

A New Year Resolution


painting present at show "Small is Beautiful" 30x30cm oil and wax on canvas

There isn't anything I can do about it. At this time every year, starting from the month of November, Other Things get in the way of painting, mostly projects for the annual Christmas Bazaar that AILO runs for charity. For readers who don't already know, AILO stands for American International League  ONLUS, that is, a non-profit organization here in Florence. All our earnings are donated to charities in the province of Florence that ask for our help. What I mean is that my studio work goes by the wayside and all other creativity is aimed at the  success of the  Bazaar

But I haven't been idle artistically. Using work done previously, I have participated in various shows. The small painting at the opening of this post is now showing in the ART-ART gallery in Impruneta. Another is in a show in Chianciano Terme, a SPA  south of Florence.


 "Trasparency- Following the Light"  oil on panel   115x115cm

AND, in the Spring I will be participating in a show here in Florence. A show of Sacred Art. Strange for me but I have decided to participate with this painting. The theme of this show is  "Portraits of Charity" and this is the closest I get to portraits and sacred art.



oil and wax on canvas

But now to my New Yeat's resolution, (almost identical yearly)  I will (try), starting tomorrow???,to go back to an organized studio schedule. Actually, I never have stopped painting.  I do it in my head always, even while working on other things. Maybe I'm just not made to be working in an organized time schedule. I just need time to work on the ideas that pass through my head. Next year.! Happy 2016 to you!

lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

Exchange art show with Prachatice, Czech Republic

part of the show of paintings by artists from the Czech Republic 

I would like to take you with me to 
this  beautiful show in an amazing setting that exists only in Tuscany: the Corsini Villa, Impruneta,  on the first day of timid sunshine after days of rain.
Villa Corsini

Persimmon tree
gate to gardens

Last rose of summer leads the way to art show

After  entering the gates of the Villa, a long road took us down to the studio where the show was hung.

approach to the studio

paintings by artists from Prachatice, Czech Republic, in oil, tempera, acrylic and watercolor

 Impruneta is the  area famous for clay production; pots, bricks, etc., but also terracotta sculpture.  This "pot-sculpture" marked a tiny staircase which led us up to a formal boxhedge garden where the  sculpture by Italian artists was placed.

Boxwood garden

While waiting for the cerimonies to begin, I explored the gardens enjoying the unexpected sun.

main entrance to the villa
spreading chestnut trees

young Czech musicians preparing for opening ceremony
typical Tuscan views from the walls surrounding the villa
vineyards and olive groves

An amazing setting for a show!!! Do you agree?

mercoledì 14 ottobre 2015

Roaming Around . . .

 While I'm waiting to begin new work, (I've ordered new cradeled panels from a local carpenter), I've been messing around with other little projects:  the Christmas Bazaar, ( the decorations booth this year will be selling little houses for the Nativity scene so I'm making some ceramic figurines),  friends are having shows.. . and there is a fun project called Mail Art that I will be participating in just for the heck of it, no great involvement, just to play around, So. . . here is some of that. (Please excuse my pictures,  I took these with my (stupid) Phone and they are not very clear.  My camera's batteries need charging......

Figurines made with a mold


Il bambinello  - Baby Jesus adapted from mold

Mary- made by hand

MY Friend's SHOW     Francoise Bertolini with Anna Rose

video -Anna Rose

Installation Francoise

Installation  Anna Rose

Installation  Anna Rose


Installation  Francoise


These are my first letters.  As I understand it is the envelope that counts as art work. Once done the letter is mailed to the organizers of the event.  If anyone can give me more or better feedback please do!