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Welcome to my blog.

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sabato 12 agosto 2017


A stack of 25x25mm wood panels ready to be primed. 

 My new project is in preparation for a show in September with the theme of BLACK and WHITE and so my basement studio is working out fine. It hasn't any windows. A dark studio is not my first choice of spaces to work in because I love light, I NEED light.  But I don't have much choice until the heat dies down.

Starting to play with forms and textures on panels.
All the panels have been primed and are ready.
 As I play with  Black and/White, I'm using all kinds of materials, paints, Inks, charcol, chalk, and an idea is forming in my mind.  Since this show will be then used as a collective work for another art show in the Spring, "Il Libro d'Artista",  my panels are taking on the role of pages that present the characters in a story. I'm just toying with this idea now but  it will probably continue.....

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